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PARfessionals Peer Recovery Navigator College

An internationally-based, family peer run initiative, facilitating training, cloud education,
and registry for Peer Support and Recovery Providers in Addictions.


An internationally-based, family peer run initiative, facilitating training, cloud education,
and registry for Peer Support and Recovery Providers in Addictions.

PARfessionals Peer Recovery Navigator College

An internationally-based, family peer run initiative, facilitating training, cloud education,
and registry for Peer Support and Recovery Providers in Addictions.


An internationally-based, family peer run initiative, facilitating training, cloud education,
and registry for Peer Support and Recovery Providers in Addictions.

During 2016, our specialty apps, developed in partnership with others have been used as training resources in 123 countries and territories.

  • An approved training provider for many states (eg. Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota, Illinois, California, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Texas, Florida), national and international regulatory boards (eg. Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation) and professional associations (eg. Association for ADEC: Association for Death Education and Counseling) for many years. Download 2018-2019 PDF Informational Guide
  • Private, independent vocational school incorporated as a private family corporation operating as a closed corporation to public stockholders.
  • Career School exemption from the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and College division
  • World's Largest Behavioral Health (Peer Addictions) Training Provider.
  • The world's first college level training and certification material on the field of Peer Recovery.
  • Provides a vehicle for continued clinical educational training in best practices and standards, and is the only institution in the world to create job competencies/professionals standards for Peer Recovery Support professionals (to be credentialed globally and for a lifetime).
  • The first to advocate for and receive national professional malpractice and liability (employment related) insurance coverage for certified peer recovery support professionals in the United States through CPH & Associates, a national professional liability insurance provider for Nurses, Allied Health Care and Mental Health providers.
  • Globally recognized, competency-based lifetime credential grounded in evidence-based best practices with only 150 practicum hours required (pending).
  • Open to volunteers, interns and employees of behavioral health and addiction recovery entities, government agencies, humanitarians agencies, community recovery groups, other organization and employer types.
  • Opportunity to earn continuing education credit from the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders, the first international regulatory board for addiction specialists, expert clinicians and researchers.
  • Designed to use in flexible learning settings (self-paced distance learning, hybrid or classroom).
  • Educate global students on diversified methods of peer recovery support services in order to create a culturally competent and inclusive peer behavioral healthcare workforce.
  • Inclusion in the German National Library, a central archival library and national bibliographic centre for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the leading partner in developing and maintaining bibliographic rules and standards in Germany and plays a significant role in the development of international library standards.
  • Inclusion in the National Peer Services Toolkit funded by Optum HMO Healthcare and ACMHMA: The College for Behavioral Health Service.
  • Developed with assistance from behavioral health clinicians, medical doctors, social workers, and peers from addiction recovery entities, governmental agencies, community recovery organizations, and schools, including Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Healthto define peer recovery navigation as a profession.
  • No high school diploma or GED required. However, the recommended requirements for our course content is 16+ with "working" experience as a volunteer, intern or employee, dealing with special populations (eg. minorities, LGBT, veterans, disabilities, prisoners, ex-offenders, rural, women, children, low-income, etc.) in a behavioral health, medical, community, educational or criminal justice setting.
  • Our branded study guides are located in over 1200 stores and 240,000 digital libraries worldwide including schools, universities and public libraries.
    We are also referenced in The Little Free Library Book Sharing World Network which includes over 65,000 libraries in 80 countries.
    Translations are made available in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Bengali, Hindi, Hebrew, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French and Portugese.
  • Submitted for college credit and credential evaluation through Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP) by Charter Oak State College from 2015-2017, with a new review pending in 2019.
    The Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP) by Charter Oak State College reviews and provide college credit recommendations, along with record keeping for non-collegiate training programs.
    Charter Oak State College (COSC), located in New Britian, Connecticut, USA, is a state institution conferring associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees and is accredited by the State of Connecticut and the New England Associations of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).
  • Featured in the Directory of Consumer-Driven Services (CDS), a project of the National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse , that offers essential information on consumer-run programs across the country, and provides links to education, training and technical assistance resources throughout the nation.
  • Featured in the Florida Peer Specialist Certification Study Guide
  • Initial Member of the Global Network for Peer Support of Peers for Progress, an international network of peer support researchers, experts, and advocates.
    Peers for Progress is a program of the Department of Health Behavior in the Gillings School of Global Public Health and the Department of Family Medicine in the UNC School of Medicine.
    Peers for Progress was founded in 2006 as a program of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation in conjunction with the American Academy of Family Physicians.

PARfessionals is an approved training provider for many state, national and international regulatory boards and professional associations. For additional information, please download our informational guide .


Founder/Clinical Director

Jorea M. Kelley Hardison, MA(c) Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician

In 2011, PARfessionals was established by 32-year-old Jorea M. Kelley-Hardison, a consumer peer with lived and professional experience while she completed an internship at MHMR of Tarrant County. After experiencing discriminatory and biased treatment both personally and professionally, she felt that a sincere effort needed to be made to reduce stigma and discrimination faced by peers and their families in the community and workplace.

Ms. Kelley-Hardison, along with assistance from medical doctors, clinicians and other behavioral health professionals across the globe participated in the development of the PARfessionals’ Peer Recovery Navigator College Workforce Development Credentialing Program.

In 2008, she self-published the book “Getting Ahead: An Ex-Offenders Guide to Getting Ahead in Today’s Society”, where she encourages ex-offenders to participate in clinical research trials. She is also mentioned in Dr. Jon Marc Taylor’s book “Prisoners’ Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Programs in the United States and Canada, ” published by Prison Legal News in 2008.

Jorea Kelley-Hardison earned a B.S. degree in Management in 2009 and completed degree requirements in order to graduate with a M.A. in Criminal Justice from the American (Military) Public University System the following year. She has also earned a graduate certificate in Applied Forensic Psychology Services from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition, she has obtained certificates in mental health, home health assistant, nonprofit management, applied forensic psychology services, family and business mediation, substance abuse, as well as emergency management. In addition, she has received training throughout the years in various important topics such as rape/domestic violence crisis intervention, hospice, and health unit coordination from various organizations and colleges including Parkland Health & Hospital System, Lakewood College, Center for Degree Studies, Brookhaven College, Thomas Edison State College, University of Texas at Arlington-Continuing Education Division, Richland College, and many more.

In 2009, Jorea Kelley-Hardison received her CCJP – A status from the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) and has been granted numerous credentials from the board, including the Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS), Peer Mentor/Peer Recovery Coach (PM-PRC) and the Associate Prevention Specialist (APS) credentials, but has since retired those credentials.

She is currently a Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician for the past 8 years and is a former Addictions Counselor Intern (CI) before she transition into becoming a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC).

The PARfessionals's branded program is 100% funded by Ms. Kelley Hardison's family, The AR SJM Family, (formerly The SJM Group and The SJM Family Foundation). Connect with Jorea on

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide quality peer based addictions training through mobile applications and technologies as we seek to improve the global behavioral health Workforce.

  • Vision Statement

    We seek to empower the addiction and recovery survivors from all socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Human Rights Statement

    PARfessionals makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, disability, class or political opinions. We believe that every human being has rights and should be treated equally and fairly.

  • Global Healthcare Impact

    Deloitte provides an annual look at the topics, trends, and issues impacting the global health care sector. According to its 2017 Global Healthcare Sector Outlook Infographic, "Peer support, self-management education, health coaching, and group activities, along with workforce training, and investments in the right technology" are " potential enablers of patient activation and engagement" and " key ingredients for productive health care operations".

PARfessionals is Reshaping the Faces and Voices of Recovery!


The increasing diversity of the global world provide opportunities and challenges for health care providers, health care systems, and policy makers.
Cultural competence is defined "as the ability of providers and organizations to effectively deliver health care services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients."

"This process includes consideration of the individual social, cultural, and feelings needs of patients for effective cross-cultural communication with their health care providers.The goal of cultural competence in health care is to reduce health disparities and to provide optimal care to patients regardless of their race, gender, ethnic background, native languages spoken, and religious or cultural beliefs. Cultural competency training is important in health care fields where human interaction is important, including medicine, nursing, allied health, mental health, social work, pharmacy, oral health, and public health fields. "
The term cultural competence was first used by Terry L. Cross and colleagues in 1989, but it was not until almost a decade later that health care professionals began to be formally educated and trained in cultural competence. In 2002, cultural competence in health care emerged as a field and has been incorporated as a key requirement in medical and healthcare education curriculum and credentialing since then.

(Global Clinical Peer Addictions Behavioral Healthcare course)

50 Continuing Education credits for Global Healthcare Professional Licensing credentials


Our internationally-approved healthcare training is for the global healthcare and social service workforce, along with competent individuals who are in recovery from mental illness, substance use, addictions, disabilities, co-occurring disorders, or trauma (including, but not limited to, prejudice, discrimination, bigotry, and racism) and seek employment skills in order to become a Peer Recovery Navigator in community and clinical settings.

(The specialized course training includes the Certified Peer Recovery Navigator college level credentialing course.)

Upon enrollment, our global healthcare students will have the option to access the online course through a mobile app with offline learning capability.


Disclaimer: Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of The PARfessionals' websites, books, apps or curriculum contents in any form is prohibited. You may not - except with our express written permission- distribute or commercially exploit any of our products and its content.

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