Give credit where credit is due

During the past five years, PARfessionals has sustained itself without the use of crowdfunding, public donations, loans, grants and/or third party investor funds. Our company’s debt is next to zero. We take pride in the ability to reduce our debt and sustain ourselves on the company’s current monthly operating costs,* which are equivalent to the average American’s monthly car note.

Our company gives a new meaning to the terms : “sustainability” and ” creative thinking“.

What We Do

PARfessionals is a global mLearning content development company that develops mobile technologies to assist the Addiction Recovery workforce. Our innovations facilitate exceptional results through enhanced training, education and certification for peer recovery professionals.

Mission Statement

PARfessionals’ mission is to provide affordable resources and training through education and skill development in a culturally sensitive manner to those that are interested in becoming peer recovery professionals. We value the life experiences and educational pursuits that help define recovery and advocacy. By recognizing these as foundational tools, we are able to challenge the stigma and barriers associated with addiction and mental health by encouraging and facilitating recovery for all with proficiency and compassion.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower the Addiction/Recovery process for Survivors from all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. PARfessionals’ will serve as a model to implement a cohesive and comprehensive unification of mental health and addiction resources while ameliorating current health disparities within our communities.

Human Rights and Equality Statement

PARfessionals makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, disability, class or political opinions. We believe that every human being has rights and should be treated equally and fairly.


PARfessionals develops mobile technologies to assist the Addiction/Recovery workforce. Our innovations facilitate exceptional results in the enhanced training and education for treatment professionals.


To empower the Addiction/Recovery process for Survivors from all socio-economic backgrounds.


We achieve our goals by respecting the Recovery process, and through compassion, caring, listening and outreach.

We would like to thank the following vendors for allowing us to provide a cost effective workforce development training solution for today’s mental health and addiction peer workforce worldwide:

Love Dove Ministries
The MasterWork Group
Volunteer Match
chapter spot


Interested in becoming a Community Peer Supervisor (CPS). a Community Peer Educator (CPE) or a Community Educational Site (CES)? Click for more details.


New Professional Liability Program for Our Network Members

PARfessionals is proud to announce that CPH & Associates will offer professional liability insurance for those credentialed by our organization.

CPH and Associates currently provide insurance services to more than 100,000 mental health professionals.

Please visit, and select “Certified Peer Recovery” on the online application to receive an instant quote.


The most valuable aspect was learning about the widespread work put into the Peer Recovery Advocate field.

Shawn C.

Maryland, USA
State Certification Trainee

The most valuable aspect ( are the) videos.

Earl H.

Maryland, USA
State Certification Trainee

Smooth introduction to the content and reading requirements for following Modules.

Eden L.

California, USA
NCPRP Student-Candidate

The most valuable aspect ...was the break down on how serious an addiction is, and the steps needed to truly understand the realm of recovery.

Shawn C.

State Certification Trainee

The most valuable aspect of the course is recovery coaching defined and the concept of the recovery movement.

William P.

NCPRP Student-Candidate

I ​thought that all the information​ (was) valuable, interesting and important in the process of helping people recover.

James S.

State Certification Trainee

This course was very exciting for me because it has allowed me to study and become prepared to help others struggling with their addictions.

Kenneth S.

Georgia, USA
Inmate, Federal Bureau of Prisons

It showed me things I didn’t know and to pay attention to the information presented because its important.

Tate F.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
NCPRP Student-Candidate

Working with the competencies gave a clearer indication of the role of a peer support/recovery coach.

Chris N.

Connecticut, USA
NCPRP Student-Candidate

The most valuable aspect is getting more familiar with the exam process and what to expect.

Steve N.

NCPRP Student-Candidate